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Positivity Culture & The Delusion Principle

They are everywhere you look: positive memes, positive mindset forwards, positive laden WhatsApp messages, positive this and positive that. Heck, perhaps this very blog post you are reading is its own contributor to the over exposure to light, love and spiritual light headed woo-woo you are steadily growing weary off. I feel you.

It can be a bit overbearing, right? I mean, is the World actually smiling or have we all become disillusioned with our own false pretense of hope disguised as POSITIVITY? What does that even mean, and what is wrong with being negative once in a while? We ARE human, after all. We cannot be happy always, all the time, right? Right?

I do not have the one definite formula for positivity, nor the guidebook. I admittedly think it is a belief system that is as individual as it is collective, as basic as it is diverse. It cannot be put in a bottle or simplified into a basic equation but nonetheless, I will not bore you with stories of the great forefathers or proponents of of the art, nor the whole science behind the mind.

I will instead, keep it quite elementary.I will try my best to filter it down to its very basic of components: YOU.

That's right. YOU.

Being positive or having a positive attitude has very little to do with anyone else or the environment around you. It is really about you and how you feel about yourself when you are by yourself. Think about it. No, really do. How do you honestly feel about yourself when no one is watching? Afraid, insecure, unfulfilled, damaged, oppressed, trapped, denied, unaccomplished, incomplete, angry, sad, unattractive or misunderstood....? And there is nothing wrong with that at all. THAT is part of being human. Whether we accept it or not, our very lives and the World we live in is predicated on the principle of ENTROPY. We arrive, thrive, decline, die and decay.

Everything and anything in our existence is on a train to nothingness at least where time, space and a physics based existence is concerned. Pretty bleak, huh?

Now, beyond that nothingness lies a lot of outcomes subject to various religious conjecture but what we can truly be certain of is that every single experience in life is based on entropy or the eventual lack of order or predictability and a gradual decline into disorder.

Before you stop reading or unsubscribe to my page though, allow me to now give you the GOOD news: entropy can be altered, it can be changed. You change entropy by introducing a consistent stream of energy into your life as often as possible as long as possible. This is not easy but it is necessary. Stay with me now.

In a nutshell, the energy I am referencing here comes from passion which comes from a positive mindset. And yes, you can have negative energy but here I am totally concerned with positive energy. Do not bail out on me...yet

Let us get more practical.

Consider Sam. He wakes up and feels sullen, angry, dull. It is not his fault. The future looks bleak. COVID 19 is real, he is not sure about his job security, he has a young family. His marriage is strained. He can list down all the things wrong with his life. He had plans for the day: to wake up at 5am, take a jog, work out, meditate, write a journal, take an online class, buy a book, call his mom, walk the dogs, play with the children, reconnect with his wife. But....what's the point? Entropy..right?

So Sam puts off the alarm clock, retreats from a bullying World into the relative safety of his sheets (hoping against hope that all this is a bad dream), oversleeps, does not work out or get some sunshine, wallows in self sympathy, moodily self isolates and in an anxious peppered day spends it in bed with the hope that tomorrow will be better.An audit of his time may show him playing video games, surfing the Internet aimlessly, watching Porn or streaming Netflix continuously.

I need not add that Sam's resultant outlook of life today not only messed up his day but the day of his dear family members, for the record. How, you ask? Just by the mood he created.

Can you relate to Sam? We all can, to varying degrees.

Unfortunately for Sam, nothing will change until HE does.

That is where positivity comes in. Doing the right things even when you do not feel like doing them, especially when you do not feel like doing them. That is how you slowly but gradually introduce counter energy into the entropy of life. How you change, not the outcome of life - but the quality of life. Someone reading this will already have given all the reasons - medical or otherwise how this is a simplistic view of life, a naive approach to realism. That in a World of pollution, nuclear warheads, child trafficking, racism, debt and poverty (entropy, right) being positive is not enough. Of course it is not! It is just a start and the reality is until you start you will not move, like Sam.

Will you fall? Yes. Will you falter? Definitely. But that is how you learn and evolve.

So how does SAM move from slumber land to his ideal life?




  • Treat each 24 hours in a day like it is all you have.

  • Prepare your mind for this the day before. Plan your day in advance.

  • Buy a journal and start documenting your new life on a daily basis, as and when necessary.


  • Early to bed, early to rise.

  • Start getting up at 5AM and develop a set of rituals you can do in an hour to get you amped for life !

  • There are tonnes of books to guide you on that journey and Robin Sharma's The 5AM Club is a good start as any.


  • To develop a positive mindset get rid of all the muck in your mind first.

  • Curate your social media feed of the channels or accounts giving you negativity

  • Replace those channels, subscription lists and follows with empowering stuff


  • Meditate

  • Work out

  • Watch what you eat

  • Watch inspirational feeds

  • Develop a healthy reading culture

  • Flood your mind with positive mental imagery

  • Listen to audio books if reading is not your thing

Consistently. Daily.

Remember, positivity is not delusion.

Delusion is having positive affirmations with no action.

PS - Oh yeah, for the old Jim Carrey movie I will not talk much on it here but it is definitely worth watching if you haven't already done so!


Be brave enough to live the life of your dreams according to your vision and purpose instead of the expectations and opinions of others.

Roy T. Bennett


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Daphine Okonji
Daphine Okonji

'Doing the right things even when you do not feel like doing them, especially when you do not feel like doing them.'.....this is definitely guaranteed to give you extraordinary results. Principle of delayed gratification is the best lesson we can pass to our children and children's children.Thanks Jan for sharing!

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