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Using Positive Mindset to Power Your Business

I'm an admitted stickler for detail.

I always want to know the exact way of doing things beyond the flashy, inspirational and motivational neon signs.

For instance, when one talks about 'a positive mindset' and the benefits of that, I want to know the exact science and mechanics behind how this exactly works, beyond the fluffy feel-good notion of the concept.

And thus began my foray into the world of NLP, CBT 10 years ago and how these unconventional and non-academic practices can be used to 'trick' the mind into get amazing, positive results in our personal, professional or business life.

Here is an overview of how exactly you can use these mental exercises to empower your mind and change the way you manage your business and your team members:

Some basics: sometimes at odds with each other and sometimes complimenting each other, Neural Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Cognitive Behavioural Theory (CBT) are like the dynamic duo of the positive-mindset universe. Think Batman and Robin, but instead of fighting crime, they're fighting for productivity and motivation in your life. And let's be real, who doesn't want to be a productivity superhero?

Geeking aside, let's go deeper into the processes of NLP and CBT. NLP is a set of techniques and strategies for understanding and influencing human behavior. It is based on the idea that the way we use language affects our thoughts, emotions, and actions. In simpler terms, it's like understanding the secret code of communication. Imagine if you had a decoder ring that helped you understand what your employees and customers were really saying. That's NLP in a nutshell.

CBT, on the other hand, is a form of therapy that focuses on how our thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes influence our feelings and behavior. Think of it like having a personal therapist on staff, but instead of lying on a couch, you're sitting at your desk. CBT helps us identify negative thought patterns and beliefs that are holding us back and helps us replace them with positive ones. Together, NLP and CBT can be used to create powerful and lasting change in the way we think and act. The perfect personal development coach and a therapist rolled into one. Now, let's talk about how NLP and CBT can be used to boost business performance.

Improved Communication Effective communication is essential for any business to thrive. Without it, you're essentially trying to build a house without any tools. NLP techniques such as active listening, rapport-building, and reframing can be used to improve communication among employees and with customers. By learning how to read body language and verbal cues, leaders can gain a deeper understanding of their employees and customers and communicate more effectively. NLP can help you learn how to speak the language of your employees and customers. Similar to going to any foreign country and being able to speak the native language, NLP makes everything so much easier. On the other hand, CBT practices such as mindfulness and cognitive restructuring can also be used to improve communication. Mindfulness can help employees and leaders become more aware of their thoughts and emotions, which can lead to more effective communication. It's like taking a time-out to check in with yourself and make sure you're communicating in a way that's beneficial to everyone. Cognitive restructuring involves changing negative thought patterns and beliefs, which can help employees and leaders communicate more positively. I'd compare it to cleaning out your closet, getting rid of the old, negative thoughts and replacing them with new, positive ones. Increased Motivation Motivated employees are like a well-oiled machine, they work efficiently and effectively. NLP techniques such as goal setting and visualization can be used to increase motivation among employees. By setting clear, specific, and measurable goals, employees will have a sense of purpose and direction, which can increase motivation. When you inculcate NLP into your business practices, you give your employees a roadmap to success and a sneak peek into their future success. Visualization can be used to help employees see themselves achieving their goals, which can also increase motivation. CBT practices such as self-talk and positive affirmations can also be used to increase motivation. By changing the way employees talk to themselves, they can shift their mindset from negative to positive, which can increase motivation. It's like having a personal cheer squad, instead of negative self-talk, you have a constant stream of positivity. Positive affirmations can be used to help employees focus on the positive aspects of their work, which can also increase motivation. Think, giving your employees a daily dose of encouragement and positivity. By focusing on the positive, employees will be more likely to see opportunities for growth and success rather than obstacles and limitations. In the process, they gradually replace deep-seated negative belief systems and thoughts. Boosted Productivity Productivity is the backbone of any successful business. Without it, you're just spinning your wheels and really building up a sweat but going nowhere! NLP techniques that involve time management and prioritization can be used to boost productivity among employees. By learning how to manage their time more effectively, employees can accomplish more in less time, which can boost productivity. Prioritization can be used to help employees focus on the most important tasks, which can also boost productivity. Prioritization using NLP techniques is the crystal ball your employees can use to helps them see the most important tasks, faster. CBT practices involving stress management and problem-solving can also be used to boost productivity. By learning how to pro-actively manage stress, employees can become more focused and productive. CBT Problem-solving can be used to help employees find solutions to problems that are holding them back from being productive. So, in conclusion, NLP and CBT practices can be used to boost business performance by improving communication, increasing motivation, and boosting productivity. By shifting the mindset of employees and leaders, businesses can create a more positive and productive work environment and turn a regular humdrum office into a productivity powerhouse. References: NLP : CBT : Remember, NLP and CBT are powerful tools that can help you and your team become productivity superheroes. So, don't be afraid to give them a try and see the difference it can make in your business performance.

About the Writer

Jan Okonji is an entrepreneur, speaker, coach, and Founder of the Pan-African accelerator BGS – Business Growth Solutions.

He is passionate about helping employees transition safely into entrepreneurship whilst turning their great ideas into profitable businesses and has helped entrepreneurs collectively grow their revenue to over $ 10 Million in the course of running BGS.

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