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It's NOT the Big that Eat the Small, It's the FAST! that Eat the Slow.

Of Entrepreneurs Stuck in Motion Without Progress . . . .

I am yet to meet a perfect human being or even a human being with perfect skills.

Perfectionism. What a paradox.

The term 'perfectionist' in my view is laughable because the very state of being a human is imperfect and yet here someone is, calling themselves something the human race is yet to achieve to date.

Yes, you may argue that it is based on pursuit rather than actual achievement but then again, the compounding effect of that on your self-esteem is ultimately disempowering.

Think about it: as a perfectionist, you are indirectly and continuously proving to yourself that you cannot achieve that which you strive for, while other 'lesser' beings are moving with speed past you and getting recognised along the way, despite their imperfect status.

A 'perfectionist' entrepreneur or startup founder is a walking disaster. He or she tends to spend valuable time trying to get the right formula, sacrificing progress for movement, and image for results. As we innately know, the perfect time for anything is now - when the intention is high and passion hot.

I know startup founders who have been starting up for over 10 years, they have a good product but sadly, go nowhere due to a fear of putting it out: fear of customer feedback, fear of no feedback, fear of negative feedback, fear of failing in front of others. Busy but broke, these startup founders have remained stuck in the prison of their self judgemental minds.

But you know what's better than perfectionism? Progress. Action. Focus. No matter how gradual.

See, entrepreneurial progress is not about doing BIG things on a regular basis. Rather, it is about doing the little things fast.

To be patient with the BIG things and to move fast on the SMALL things is the key. Someone reading this may be asking, 'But what's the difference between the big things and the little things when starting a business? ' Well, here we go:

See the idea is to :

1. use the complementary things but to not get addicted to their emotional lure

2. move fast on the small things and start acting on them now, every day - as they are building blocks to the bigger things

3. be patient with the big things because focusing on these is what leaves us too paralysed to move and habitual adopters of 'perfectionism' as a means of justifying our inability to reach out for that which we deserve.

Be fast and nimble on the things that matter and grab the opportunities that abound about you.

Don't strive to be perfect today. Focus on progress and start doing actual stuff for a change.

Jan Okonji is an entrepreneur, self-mastery coach, and founder of the company Business Growth Solutions.

He has a passion for helping employees transition safely into entrepreneurship and does this through his R.O.A.D program where he helps them turn their great ideas into profitable businesses.

If you want to be a part of Jan's 1-on-1 business training program feel free to check out his services HERE.

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