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FREE Product Training

It's at the core of every entrepreneur's mission: making that unique product that will impact many people and change their lives for the better forever. A product that will most likely grant the said entrepreneur a coveted spot amongst history's great inventors and innovators.

So, why is it that those great innovations are a dime a dozen? Why is that coveted slot seemingly reserved for a gifted few? The answer is as simple as: because it just is. We cannot all be Jobs, Gates, Musk, Balmer or even Kanye.

What we can be though, is the best version of ourselves and hopefully that will lead us to some level of personal fulfilment and purpose. With that understanding, we should not just throw our hands up in resignation as we set out to develop our unique product or rather, a common product we want to deliver in a unique way.

We need to look at the science and formula behind developing a good product, before we even THINK we know what that product is. The single most important driver for any product is of course THE CUSTOMER.

Any wildly successful product that has ever been developed, was developed with the customer need in mind; their World, their age, gender, dreams, fears, concerns, families, locations and even race consideration. The customer comes first, the product thereafter.

Wouldn't it be great if one could access FREE online training modules and content on the same that one can keep for a lifetime? Well, guess what ? Tomorrow, Tuesday August 11th I will be facilitating a Webinar between 1500 HRS to 1600 EAT sponsored by the Association of Startup and SMEs Enablers of Kenya (ASSEK). The awesome Wemo Kitawa will also be giving some good detail on how to create your own powerful product for your business. The Webinar will be based off a FREE online training on PRODUCT MANAGEMENT that you can access for life HERE. NO EXPIRY.

Webinar link shall be shared once you register for the FREE training. See you soon!

Zydii is a platform connecting you with online courses tailor-made for Africans, to help you live a better life. The Zydii belief is that every African deserves to live their best life.



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