Dealing with Mental Barriers to Business Success

The mind is a fascinating concept. The mind, quite separate from the brain - is the environment of the sub conscious. That place where beliefs, thoughts, dreams, passions and fear reside. Our minds determine how far high we fly in life and in retrospect, how far low we can plunge.

What mental barriers feed into our nature of self-sabotage and in turn affect our business success ? How do we overcome these barriers ?

In this interview with Metropol TV, I sit down with Elijah Simba, business correspondent and we quickly run down the 4 mental barriers to business success:

  1. Indoctrination : the stuff we are told between ages 0 to 7 years that determine our beliefs

  2. Love: how we fear stepping out because we do not want loved ones to 'suffer' in the process

  3. Fear: how the fear of failure plays deep into preventing us from pushing our business ventures

  4. Ingratitude: how a reduced lack of empathy affects our creative ability to create now products

Enjoy and trust you can apply a thing or two towards your own business success!

Jan Okonji is a business consultant running his own company Business Growth Solutions, and the resident Startup Expert with the SNDBX, a unique collection of over 35 business experts that offer affordable and impactful business support to businesses across Africa.`

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