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My wife had a business mentorship program she used to run for a year. She would pick a group of people, with nothing but big dreams and mentor them once a month for 5 hours. During this time I saw in practice what Jim Rohn referred to as the Law of Diminishing Intent, you know…when people start off with so much energy, so much excitement only to slowly start dragging their feet, coming to the sessions late or skipping them all together giving all manner of excuses.

One gentleman stood out from the rest though. He would come in hours before anyone else and ask anyone he met in the lobby numerous questions. He would stay in long after class and read up and ask more questions. He would send emails, make calls, leave texts. It got a bit irritating too. I asked him why he puts in so much time for this mentorship thing. His response was gold, ‘I want to get so much more than what I paid for.’

Here was a young start up, a dreamer. He also had run out of options. Married, retrenched in his 20s (twice, due to company closures) and three children down the line. Success was not an option. He was the antelope running for its life. He wasn’t the lion running after a meal. That need to succeed made him consistently attend each session religiously and on time despite being low on cash. He was persistent.

Years later and a couple of millions to boot under a thriving photography business he still has the same drive, asking the same questions and consistently showing up because I guess, he still wants to get so much more than what he paid for.

Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.

- Winston S. Churchill



How can you build consistent FOCUS?

1. Awareness

Practice awareness over the next 21 Days. Reduce your phone time and internet usage. Dairise this and track this deliberately. Give your full and 100% undivided attention to tasks around the home.

2. The Power of Small Actions

Build Habits by chunking them into smaller actions over longer periods of time e.g. if you want to got to the gym, do very light weights but go more often. Develop the activity, the habit will follow. The key here is: consistency and discipline.

3. Accountability

Track progress.Keep a journal and write down the progress you are making on a daily basis. Reward yourself for each improvement, big or small.

4. Avoid False Progress

Do not shout about it. Beware the false growth mindset.

You will fare much longer in developing persistence when you do it for YOU and not for those around you.

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